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Fukumoto Works


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LJ community for the appreciation and archiving of information of Nobuyuki Fukumoto's (a.k.a. FKMT) works.

Share your fanworks here and feel free to discuss related gambling games (like mahjong)!!

This community is slash-friendly; mark your pairings and please put it under a cut.

- Making posts that feature fanart used/edited without the original artist's permission is not allowed.
That means icons, wallpapers, moodthemes, whatnot. This includes Japanese fanart.
Actually using such icons when commenting in the community is alright, just don't make any posts pimping them.

- Sharing scans of difficult-to-acquire printed doujinshi you purchased is welcome, but they must all be under a friend-lock!

- translated doujinshi also go under a friendlock.

- Imagery of lolishota/child porn is not allowed

- Advertising RP comms is not allowed unless it is already related to the FKMT fandom – either being an Espoir RP or about mahjong, advertising as a lone Kaiji looking for his Endou/Sahara/Ishida or something is fine too.
Long story short, whatever you post it should be related to FKMT.

- Don't flood the community.
I like to keep this comm diverse about all things FKMT, so don't, for example, make ten posts about the same and similar subjects in one day.

- Mark your spoilers and NSFW-content.
Whatever is not considered 'common knowledge' due to lack of English translations would be spoilers, I guess. NSFW, NWS, NC-17, R18, Adult or pr0n should do the trick.

- Play nice.
No flames, try to be civil.

FKMT related links
True PariahAkagi fansite with lots of information
The Triad – Fansub group that completed the Akagi and Kaiji anime
Zawa Zawa Search – Japanese webring for Fukumoto-related fanwork
zawazawalounge – RP dressing room for FKMT RP'ers to hang out
kaiji_kink – Anonymous Kaiji Kink Meme (inactive)

RAWs + anime episodes
Master list (need to be a member to view)

Master list