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Kaiji OST lossless rip

I love this fandom, so yeah.

Here's the link:

I had to make several .rar files because I didn't know how to split using Winrar or HJSplit. You should download the Scans.rar file too because I added the things that were missing from my last post (CD art, inner and outer case art). The file "G.T.ジャンケンは運否天賦なのか?【カイジMAD】.mp3" is a Kaiji remix of a Touhou song (U.N.Owen was her?), which is unrelated to the OST, but I like that remix and it makes a nice bonus.

Each download has the tracklist it contains in the description, in case you were wondering which songs you'll download in each .rar file.

I left the two last .rar files of the second disk uploading during the night, and it said I disconnected during the night. I didn't check the last file, so tell me if it has an error. And Mediafire cuts the filenames when you click on Save As, so just add .rar in the end. It doesn't really matter, you just have to open them with Winrar.

I know a torrent would have been better, but my connection sucks. Really. I apologize for the uncomfortable download format. If you just want one song and don't feel like downloading the 90+ MB file, tell me and I'll upload it.

That would be all, I think. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Tags: kaiji, merchandise, music
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