sonickrazy (sonickrazy) wrote in zawa_zawa,

FKMTkrazy Fanart Request!

What, no posts since October?! Where's all the Fukumoto love?! Well, I know how you can prove that there's still die-hard Fukumoto fans out there. How's that, you ask? Simple! We over at FKMTkrazy require some Fanart of Fukumoto characters for our Mahjong Notes and/or Credits pages when we release new Chapters of Kaiji Part 3 and Akagi. If you've created fanart of Fukumoto characters before or would like to try your hand at it, feel free to send your lovely art to and have your drawing forever attached to a certain chapter by your favorite Mangaka! We might even reuse some art for future chapters if we're low on art (and trust me, at the speed we're releasing, that will happen fast)! So come on, show us what you can do!!
Tags: akagi, art, kaiji, manga releases, scanlations
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